Celebrating Our 10th Year of Queensland Premier Rugby Coverage

Key Points:

  • DoubleTake Sports to produce our 10th year of coverage of the Hospital Cup.
  • Coverage will include the four final regular season matches of the round, and finals, broadcast free-to-air on the Nine Network.


We’re incredibly excited for the start of the 2023 StoreLocal Hospital Cup season this weekend. In a milestone, the 2023 season also marks our 10th year covering the Queensland Premier Rugby competition.

This year’s season will also see the first time in which we will broadcast the final four regular season matches of the round and finals, free to air on the Nine Network.

Queensland Premier Rugby holds a special place in our hearts as the first competition we covered in full; a decade, and 2,500+ games later, we couldn’t be prouder of the competition and rugby community that we are proudly part of.

See our 2023 season opener below.

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