Football Queensland Finals Shine at Suncorp Stadium

Key Points:

  • Football Queensland Grand Finals descend on Suncorp Stadium.

On the back of the incredible Women’s World Cup matches, Suncorp Stadium has once again played host to a thrilling set of football games, as the Football Queensland grand finals descended on the world-class stadium for the first time.

Featuring four back-to-back grand final games, coverage was entirely produced remotely from our studios. All commentary was located onsite at Suncorp Stadium, with the sideline commentator providing on field updates throughout the broadcast.

The day featured exhilarating games including the FQPL Women’s grand final, FQPL Men’s grand final, NPL Women’s grand final and NPL Men’s grand final. Providing the most advanced coverage of a Football Queensland Grand Final to date, DoubleTake Sports was incredibly proud to facilitate these broadcasts, in Australia’s golden year of football.

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