Partner Spotlight: Singular.Live

Key Points:

  • DoubleTake Sports is proud to work with Singular.Live to provide advanced IP-based broadcast coverage.
  • Read more about how advanced remote production helps Sports and Rightsholders here.


In January 2o23, DoubleTake Sports produced the most advanced broadcast coverage of any water polo event in Australia since the Sydney 2000 Olympics. These broadcasts were produced remotely from our Brisbane facility, 3,500km from where they were played in Perth.

The shift to remote and IP-based broadcast production means sports and rightsholders can provide more coverage, at a greater quality. We’ve been fortunate to be supported in this massive shift by our incredible partners such as Singular.Live, whose industry-leading graphics solution allows us to create custom graphics, enabling everything we put to air to champion our clients’ brand and identity.

Read more about how we remotely produced these and other complex broadcasts of major international events in Water Polo, CrossFit, and Rugby Union here.

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